Marquett Davon Burton net worth

Marquett Davon Burton net worth in 2024, age, wife and career

Marquett Davon is an American entrepreneur and social media influencer. He is best known for his executive services to Fletch and 5 Fingers company. He is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and public speaker who has made significant money from various businesses.

Real NameMarquett Davon Burton
Net Worth$8 million
Age32 years
Height6 feet
Date of birthApril 26, 1992
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California.
EducationMaster of Political Science
skin colorSand
Hair colorBald
Eye colourBlack
Zodiac signTaurus
Martial statusMarried
Birthday26 April
Father’s nameLeadbetter
Mother’s nameKim Burton
Number of cars2

Marquett Davon Burton Net Worth

As of 2024, Marquett Davon Burton’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. He became rich by starting different businesses in the technology industry. Marquett Davon Burton net worth has increased significantly in the last few years. Below is his net worth growth in the last 5 years.

YearNet Worth
2024$10 million 
2023$8 million
2022$5 million
2021$2 million
2020$1 million

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Marquett Davon Burton Income Sources

Marquett Davon Burton has made money from various income sources, as defined below.

Executive at Fletch

Fletch is the major income source that helped Marquett Davon Burton. He served Fletch for 6 years and 9 months and had a successful career as an executive. He earned from this company and invested this money into other passive income streams.

Public Speaker

Marquett Davon Burton is a public speaker who mostly appears on the “FreshandFit Clips” YouTube channel. As per an estimate, he charges $1k for an hour-long interview. He talks about feminism and masculinity.

public speaking by Marquett Davon Burton
Public speaking by Marquett Davon Burton

YouTube Earnings

Marquett Davon Burton also has his official YouTube channel, The Saint and The Sinner. He teaches about business, relationships, and careers. Social Blade estimates that he earns $5k monthly from his YouTube channel.

How does Marquett Davon Burton spend His Wealth?

  • Davon Burton invests a significant part of his income in growing tech start-ups.
  • He lives a luxurious life and spends a certain percentage of his income on his lifestyle.
  • He is fond of luxury cars and watches. He spends money on buying new cars every year.
  • Marquett Davon Burton also invests his wealth in buying real estate assets.

Marquett Davon Burton Wikipedia/Biography

Early Life

Marquett Davon Burton was born on April 26, 1992 in San Diego, California. His father’s name is Leadbetter and his mother’s name is Kim Burton. A single mother raised Marquett. Despite facing challenges, he began working at the Boys and Girls Club at age 13. He had to work hard in his early days to earn money for himself and his family.


Marquett got his initial education from the nearest school in San Diego. Despite facing many challenges as an orphan boy, he pursued higher education with dedication and commitment. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He also holds a master’s degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University.

Personal Life

Marquett Davon Burton was raised by a single mother who supported him in his bad days. His mother used to work as a housekeeper in different houses to make money for his education. After being a successful entrepreneur, Marquett now lives with his mother and wife in his new luxury house.

Marquett Davon Burton Wife

Marquett is married to a beautiful and supportive wife. However, his wife is not available on social media platforms, and he never revealed his wife’s face or name in any of his videos. It is estimated that Marquett is married to a Muslim girl named Sarah, who wears an abaya and keeps herself away from social media.


Marquett Davon Burton enjoys a lavish lifestyle in California. He has 2 luxury cars, a Lamborghini and a Mercedes AMG G63. He is fond of travelling and usually travels with his wife to different parts of the world. 

Marquett Davon Burton Age, Weight and Height

Marquett Davon was born in 1992 in San Diego; as of 2024, He is 32 years old. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 68 kg.

Marquett Davon Burton Career

Marquett Davon started his career at a very young age. He was a creative child who used to do unique experiments in his school time. Below are the highlights of Marquett career.

School Operations Manager

In June 2009, right after completing his degree, he joined the Tech for America as a school operations manager. He trained and managed 60 corporation members in his 2 years of serving Tech for America.

Pacific Northwest Manager

In January 2012, Marquett Davon Burton joined Everfi as a Pacific Northwest Manager. Everfi is a growing educational company focused on teaching, training, and certifying students in different practical skills. Marquett helped the Everfi company open new business branches in California, Washington, and other states of America. He left this company happily in December 2013 to start his own business.


In January 2014, Marquett joined a company named Fletch as an executive. He helped this company reach a new level of advancement. He became successful in making a partnership between the Fletch and South Korean governments. The Fletch managed the South Korean government’s financial bank.

Marquett Davon Burton

Fletch developed a world of effortless time and attendance management technology for his company. He added asset tracking as a new product of Fletch. His commitment and hard work helped Fletch become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in California. Marquett served Fletch for 8 years and resigned in 2020 to pursue his career as a public speaker.

Social Media Presence

Marquett Davon Burton is an active social media personality. He resigned from his job and started a YouTube channel named The Saint and the Sinner. He shares relationship advice and motivational speeches with his fans on his YouTube channel. He also attends public events in the United States as a motivational speaker. As of 2024, his YouTube channel has 126k subscribers. He has a good fan following on other social media accounts, too.


Marquett Davon Burton is a successful entrepreneur and public speaker who has the net worth of $10 million. He completed the dreams of himself and his single mother. He is one of the prominent public speakers invited to different technology events in the USA. 


Sarah is the wife of Marquett Davon Burton.

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