Andre Hakkak Net Worth

Andre Hakkak Net Worth in 2024 – Age, Wife, House and Career

Andre Hakkak is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and business consultant from the United States. He is the co-founder and CEO of White Oak Global Advisors.

Real NameAndre Hakkak
Net Worth$200 million.
Age54 years
Height5 feet, 6 inches
Date of birthJanuary 1, 1970
Birth PlaceFlorida
EducationBS in Finance and Marketing
skin colorWhite
Hair colorBlack
Eye colourBlack
Zodiac signCapricorn
Martial statusMarried
Birthday1st January
Father’s nameNA
Mother’s nameNA
Siblings3 sisters
WifeMarissa Shipman
Number of cars3

His career is marked by a deep commitment to innovative investment strategies and a passion for supporting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with tailored financing solutions.

Andre Hakkak Net Worth.

As of 2024, Andre Hakkak’s net worth is estimated at $200 million.

Andre Hakkak net worth in 2024

He earned his fortune through his business endeavors. His successful tenure at White Oak Global Advisors and his business successes made him capable of achieving that much.

Andre Hakkak Income Sources

Andre Hakkak makes wealth from various income sources, but his primary income comes from White Oak Global Advisors, an investment advisor company in the United States. Below are the sources of income that Made Andre Hakkak a billionaire.

CEO of White Oak Global Advisors

Andre Hakkak is the CEO of Oak Global Advisors, which has assets worth $10 billion. The company offers financial investment services to investors. Andre Hakkak is a finance expert who has helped many businesses manage their finances and provided them with better investment opportunities.

Real Estate Business

Along with financing, Hakkak is an expert in the real estate business and has several properties in different states of America. He also helps other real estate companies make profits with small investments.

Investments in Technology

Andre Hakkak has made several successful investments in Tech startups. His approach to investing in Technology companies has been fascinating, and he has made a lot of profits.

How Andre Hakkak Spends His Wealth

  • Andre Hakkak reinvests 80% of the income in his business. He is continuously opening new offices and branches all around the USA.¬†
  • Andre Hakkak lives a luxurious lifestyle and spends a lot of money on personal items. He loves buying new cars and expensive watches.
  • He is a philanthropist who regularly donates money to various charity organizations.

Andre Hakkak Biography

Early Life

Andre Hakkak was born on January 1, 1970, in the United States of America. He grew up in a middle-class family in Florida, USA. Since childhood, he has been an intelligent boy who has always helped his father with his work. 


Andre Hakkak received his initial education from a public school in Florida. He then moved to California and earned a BS in Finance and Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley

Andre Hakkak Wife

Andre Hakkak is happily married to Marissa Shipman, the CEO of TheBalm Cosmetics.

Andre Hakkak and HIs Wife
Andre Hakkak with his wife, Marissa Shipman

She was born in New York and lives in California with her husband. The couple, Marrisa and Andre, have two children together: a son and a daughter. Andre Hakkak’s wife has been his biggest support throughout the hard times. She runs her company, Thebalm, and manages household responsibilities.

Andre Hakkak with his wife and friend

Despite being rich and famous, Andre keeps his family private. His wife is never seen in public places. The couple manages a very private life and doesn’t share much about their personal life in public. Andre Hakkak is at the forefront, while his wife does all the behind-the-scenes work. She helps her husband in his business endeavors.

In many public interviews, Andre Hakkak admired his wife for her emotional and practical support.

Andre Hakkak Age, Weight and Height

As of 2024, Andre Hakkak is 54 years old. He is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 60 kg, and his body is fit and athletic.


Andre Hakkak lives a luxurious lifestyle, traveling to different parts of the world and enjoying married life with his wife. He manages a balance in his work and personal life. He loves traveling and travels to different countries to enjoy a healthy life. He spends most of his time doing business activities but still spends time with his family every weekend. They go on a long drive or to dinner on the weekend.


Last year, Andre Hakkak and his wife Marissa Shipman bought the mansion in Coral Gables for $13.6 million, where they live together. They reside at 8950 Arvida Drive. It is one of the most expensive and famous houses in Florida. This two-story mansion has a swimming pool, a gym, and separate spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Andre Hakkak Career

Andre Hakkak started his career at a very young age. After completing his degree, he began working in a private company as its finance investment officer. But he left this company after serving for only two years. In his early career days, he served at the helm of Suisse Global.

Alpine Global, Inc.

In 2000, Andre Hakkak joined Alpine Global as the chief investment officer. Alpine Global was an investment company focused on real estate and alternative fixed income. He worked there for seven years and helped the company achieve its financial goals.

White Oak Global Advisors

Andre Hakkak co-founded White Oak Global Advisors in 2007 and is currently its CEO and portfolio manager. The company offers financing solutions to investors and small companies. It has over 500 professionals and 15 offices worldwide. Andre Hakkak’s leadership helped the company achieve great success. 

Andre Hakkak Social Media Profiles

Andre Hakkak is not an active social media personality. He stays away from social media and works for his company. His company has social media profiles on LinkedIn, but he is unavailable. He occasionally appears at seminars and online meetings, which are typically posted on various YouTube channels.


Andre Hakkak is a prominent figure in business and finance. He co-founded White Oak Global Advisors, a financing and investment banking company. He lives in a mansion in Coral Gables with his wife and two children.
Frequently Asked Questions

Andre Hakkak net worth is $200 million.


Marissa Shipman is Andre Hakkak’s wife.

Andre Hakkak is co-founder of White Oak Global Advisers, which offers investment banking and financing solutions. He earns millions from this company.

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