Julie green ministreies net worth

Julie Green Ministries net worth in 2024, age, income sources

Julie Green is a spiritual leader from the United States of America. She is well known for her religious teachings and spiritual lectures that teach us to believe in one God, Jesus. In this article, we will learn more about her net worth, age, husband, and career.

Real NameJulie Green Ministries
Net Worth$10 million
Age63 years
Height6 feet (182.88 cm)
Weight61kg (134.482 lbs)
Date of birth22 September 1961
Birth PlaceTexas, USA.
Professionphilosopher, Social Media Influencer
skin colorWhite
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colourBlue
Zodiac signVirgo
Martial statusMarried
Birthday22 September
Father’s nameNA
Mother’s nameNA
HusbandTrent Green
Children3 (Two Boys, One daughter)
Number of cars1
Information about Julie Green

Who is Julie Green?

Julie Green Ministries net worth in 2024

Julie Green is an American religious teacher and prophet of God in the Christian community. She founded Julie Green Ministries in 2008. She is famous on social media because of her messages of faith and prosperity.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Julie Green founded Julie Green Ministries, which is a Christian organization. The organization gets thousands of dollars in funding daily. As of 2024, Julie Green Ministries’ net worth is $10 million. She makes money from the source of income defined below.

Youtube Earnings

Julie Green has a YouTube channel with the name Julie Green Ministries, which has more than 250k followers. She shares prophetic messages with her followers on her YouTube channel. She earns a good amount of monthly revenue through YouTube.


Julie Green also conducts fundraising sessions. Her true followers donate to her regularly. This income source helps her to cover her podcast expenses.

How Julie Green Spends Her Wealth

  • Julie Green spends her wealth for the betterment of Jesus’ followers.
  • Her charity organization gets funding, and she helps the poor and needy with this funding.
  • She spends a certain amount of money on good food and quality education.

Julie Green Biography

Julie Green is a religious teacher and Christian prophet who teaches people about God. She tells her followers to follow only God’s Christian teachings. Below is her complete biography.

Early Life

Julie Green was born in Texas, USA, in 1961. She was a very innocent and kind type of girl from her childhood. She started believing in Jesus as God when she was only sixteen years old. She believed that Jesus was the only God who created this world.


Julie Green got her initial education at the Texas school near her. She graduated from the University of Texas, where she majored in business. While pursuing her degree at the university, she continues to practice her religious activities regularly.

Family and Husband

Julie Green was born into a religious family that preached Jesus as God. Her father was a pastor at Faith Family Fellowship Church. Her father used to bring her with him to church on weekends. Her mother was a teacher who left the teaching profession in 2010.

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Julie Green is married to Trent Green. Julie met Trent Green at university and fell in love with her. They both got married in 1994, after their graduation. They have three children together, two boys and a daughter named T.J.


Despite being a rich girl, Julie still prefers to live a very simple life. She spends most of her time reading religious books and then teaching them to her followers. She lives in Texas in a $1.7 million house with her husband and children.

Julie Green Age, Weight, and Height

As of 2024, Julie Green is 63 years of age with 61 kg of weight and a height of 6 feet. As a 63-year-old woman, she still looks very energetic and young. It’s because of her healthy food and daily exercise.

Julie Green Career

Julie Green started her career when she was only 20 years old. She started giving prophetic messages on her YouTube channel, Julie Green Ministries. With time, people started following her and her religious beliefs. She became famous in 2019 when a single video of her went viral.

The Founder of JGMI

JGMI stands for Julie Green Ministries. She founded the JGMi when she started her YouTube channel under the name Julie Green Ministries. It is a charity organization that works for the poor and needy people in the United States. The organization aims to provide better food, health, and basic facilities to all deserving people. Julie Green Ministries also invites other religious people to join Jesus Christ’s kingdom.

Julie green

Social Media Profiles

Julie Green doesn’t have a personal account on any social media platform, but she appears on all the Julie Green Ministries profiles. Julie Green Ministries shares prophetic messages through social media platforms.


Julie Green is an American religious prophet who founded the Julie Green Ministries. She helps people understand the true teachings of Jesus. She has made her career and earned millions as a Christian philosopher and teacher. She teaches other people to follow God and stay positive.

FAQs about Julie Green Ministries

Julie Green earns money from her YouTube channel and other funding that she gets through her channel.

$10 million


Julie Green is 63 years old.

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