Justin Waller net worth

Justin Waller Net Worth in 2024, Age, Height and Wife

Justin Waller, aka J. Waller, is an American businessman, social media influencer, and real estate investor. He is the owner and founder of Rediron Company, which specializes in building metal materials. Today, we will discover his net worth and how he made himself a wealthy personality.

Real NameJustin Waller
Net Worth$20 million
Age50 years
Height6 feet and 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight80kg (176.37 lbs)
Date of birthDecember 10, 1974
Birth PlaceLouisiana, United States
EducationMaster in Construction management
skin colorBrown
Hair colorGrey
Eye colourBlack
Zodiac signSagittarius
Martial statusMarried
BirthdayDecember 10
Father’s nameNA
Mother’s nameNA
Siblings1 brother and 1 sister
WifeAlice Waller
Number of cars6

Justin Waller Net Worth (2024)

As of 2024, Justin Waller’s net worth is $15 million. Justin Waller’s net worth has significantly increased in the last 5 years. Below are the statistics of his previous 5 years’ net worth.

YearNet Worth
2024$15 million
2023$10 million
2022$8 million
2021$4 million 
2020$1 million

Justin Waller Income Sources

Justin Waller started as a cashier in a bank, and then he moved to the business industry and created different income streams, which made him rich and famous. J Waller is a famous businessman who made his fortune through various sources of income, as defined below.

RedIron Construction Company

Justin Waller earns most of his money from his construction company, Rediron. As per the estimate, Rediron’s annual revenue is over $5 million. The company works with different industries to make metal structures.


Justin Waller is a real estate investor who has several private properties in Louisiana. He also made other investments, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies. He follows market trends and analyzes the opportunities and risks before making investment decisions. He also reinvests his profits to grow his wealth over time.

Youtube Earnings

Justin Waller is also a YouTuber who teaches people about online earning. He creates videos about different online business modules and online earrings ways. He has more than 370k subscribers on his YouTube channel. SocialBlade estimates that his monthly earnings from YouTube are between 8k and 13k USD. However, his earnings are more than this; he earns affiliate commissions from different products he promotes through his videos.

Online Courses

Justin Waller teaches people about online earning opportunities through his courses. He shares the basic knowledge with his students on YouTube and offers the premium step-by-step method through his paid courses. The primary courses he offers are e-commerce, copywriting, and affiliate marketing.

Marketing Agency

Justin Waller runs an online agency named Jwaller. The agency offers services related to YouTube, website development and designing, SEO, and social media marketing. Justin Waller promotes his agency through YouTube videos. The Jwaller agency is focused on running paid ad campaigns for businesses.

How Justin Waller Spends His Wealth

  • Justin Waller invests 50% of his annual income in real estate and stocks.
  • He is fond of luxury cars and spends a certain amount every year on buying expensive cars.
  • He lives in a luxury house and owns luxury watches, cars, and other expensive items. This luxurious lifestyle costs him millions of dollars every year.
  • Justin spends money on traveling to different parts of the world. He visits Dubai once every three months.
  • He is a philanthropist and donates huge amounts of money to different charity organizations.

Justin Waller Biography

Early Life

Justin Waller was born in Louisiana, United States, on December 10, 1974. He grew up in a middle-class family with his parents and two siblings. He has always been interested in business and entrepreneurship since he was a kid.


Justin Waller got his initial education from Denham Springs High School. He was involved in various extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and student council. He graduated from high school with honors and received a scholarship to attend the University of Louisiana. He majored in construction management at the University of Louisiana in 2009. He also took some online courses during his education to enhance his online skills. He learned digital marketing and business management from the University of Louisiana.


Justin Waller is married to Alice Waller, the daughter of a millionaire from Louisiana. He talked about his marriage in a recent video on TikTok. A boy asked him about his marriage, and he said, I’m happily married. He has two children: a 4-year-old son and a newborn daughter.

Justin’s father lives with him in Louisiana, while his mother is divorced from his father. His mother uploaded a video in 2023 and talked about the matter of her husband. She said that I was disappointed with the behavior of my son, Justin, and my ex-husband.


Justin Waller lifestyle

Justin Waller lives in a luxury house in Louisiana while driving expensive cars like the G-Wagon and Ferrari. As of 2024, he has more than six cars in his garage. He has a G-Wagon, a Mercedes-Benz, a Ferrari, and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Justin Waller Age, Weight, and Height

Justin Waller is 50 years old (as of 2024). He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 80kg. He looks young for his age, as he exercises daily and maintains a healthy routine.


Justin Waller started his career as a cashier at Harbor Freight Tools in 2003. He pursued his construction management degree along with his job as a cashier. He worked for this company for 2 years and then moved on. He kept doing small jobs to cover the expenses of his education. Justin also worked as a construction laborer for almost 5 years.

Traffic Controller

In 2009, right after his degree, Justin got a job at Austin Bridge & Road, where he worked as a traffic controller. However, he quit this job after 5 months because he wasn’t getting a good enough salary.

Cost Analyst

Justin Waller joined Cajun Industries, LLC, in 2011. He worked there for only 5 months.

Construction Company

After doing several jobs, Justin Waller decided to launch his own company. In 2011, after quitting his job at Cajun Industries, he launched a construction company named Rediron Construction. He started building metal for small buildings in Louisiana, and later on, he gradually grew his business and hired more people to work in his company. As of 2024, Rediron Construction is a multimillion-dollar company with 130 employees and branches in all states of the USA.

Note: Justin worked for almost 10 years in different construction companies before launching his company.

Friendship of Justin Waller,  Andrew Tate, and Tristan Tate

Justin Waller, Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate

Justin Waller was a close friend of the Tate brothers, but recently, he has spoken out against him. Justin Waller replaced Andrew Tate’s strategy to become successful in the real world. Justin Waller and Andrew Tate have done a podcast together and met each other on several occasions.

Why is Justin Waller’s YouTube channel banned?

In December 2023, Justin Waller uploaded some misleading videos for young people. Many people reported him as a scammer because he was involved in online scams. YouTube terminated his account due to its misleading dating advice and affiliation with Andrew Tate’s Real World.

Justin Waller and Andrew Tate
Justin Waller and Andrew Tate

Social Media Accounts

Justin Waller is available on all major social media platforms. He shares business ideas and relationship advice through his social media accounts. He also shares updates about his daily life routine through his Instagram stories. Below are J. Waller’s social media profiles.


Justin Waller is a famous entrepreneur, investor, and online marketer who has built multimillion-dollar businesses in various niches. He is the founder of Rediron Construction Company and Jwaller Marketing Agency. He is a role model and inspiration for many people who want to succeed online.

Justin Waller is worth $20 million.

Justin Waller is founder of Rediron Construction company.

Yes, Justin Waller is married to Alice Waller.

Justin Waller Height is 6 feet and 2 inches.

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