Meet Draya Michele Boyfriend – Latest Update 2024

Draya Michele Boyfriend name is Jalen Green. Fans of reality TV star Draya Michele were recently surprised to learn about her new romance with professional basketball player Jalen Green.

The couple has been making headlines due to their 17-year age gap, with many questioning their relationship.

However, in a recent conversation with TMZ Sports, Draya shared her thoughts on the backlash and why she thinks it’s “kind of weird.”

Please keep reading to learn more about Draya Michele’s new boyfriend and the latest update on their relationship in 2024.

Draya Michele Boyfriend Bio Wiki

NameJalen Green
ProfessionBasketball Player
BirthdayFebruary 9, 2002
Birth SignAquarius
BirthplaceMerced, CA
Age22 years old

Who Is Draya Michele?

Meet Draya Michele Boyfriend - Latest Update 2024

Draya Michele, born Andraya Michele Howard on January 23, 1985, has carved a niche for herself as a multifaceted media personality, actress, and fashion designer.

At 39, she became well known for her appearances on reality television, particularly for her role on the series Basketball Wives LA.

Her ventures into acting and fashion design have further solidified her status in the entertainment and fashion industries, making her a prominent figure beyond the scope of reality TV.

Who Is Jalen Green?

Meet Draya Michele Boyfriend - Latest Update 2024

Jalen Green is a burgeoning talent in professional basketball. He is known for his electrifying athleticism and scoring ability.

As a high-profile player in the NBA, Green’s journey to the league was marked by his exceptional performance in high school and a notable stint in the NBA G League, where he further honed his skills against seasoned professionals.

His draft into the NBA was met with much anticipation, and he has since been making waves as one of the league’s promising young stars.

Off the court, Green is recognized for his unique sense of style and involvement in community initiatives, showcasing a multifaceted personality that extends beyond basketball.

Draya Michele Boyfriend Early Life and Family

Jalen Green was born into a loving, sports-centric family. His mother, Bree Purganan, a nurse, has Filipino roots, instilling a rich, multicultural heritage. His father, Marcus Green, played a pivotal role in his athletic development.

The family’s unwavering support was crucial in his early years. Growing up in Merced, California, Jalen’s talent in basketball was evident early on. Weekends were often spent on the court or watching games.

This environment nurtured his passion for basketball and taught him the importance of dedication and hard work. Jalen’s siblings, too, share a close bond and cheer him on every step of the way.

Draya Michele Boyfriend Amazing Career

Jalen Green’s career trajectory is nothing short of impressive. He seamlessly leaped from high school stardom to pro success. Initially making waves in the G League, his skills sharpened quickly.

His NBA draft moment was widely celebrated, showcasing his potential. In the league, Jalen’s performances have dazzled fans and critics alike. His remarkable scoring ability makes him a key player for his team.

Beyond scoring, Jalen contributes with dynamic plays, enhancing team strategy. His career, still in its early stages, promises more thrills. Jalen’s dedication to improvement signals a bright future ahead.

Draya Michele Boyfriend Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Height1.93 m
Weight 84 kg

Draya Michele Husband/Boyfriend and Relationship status

Draya Michele has openly confirmed her relationship with Jalen Green. Despite the noticeable age gap, the couple seems unbothered by public opinion. They have been seen together at various events, flaunting their love.

Their connection goes beyond superficial attraction, hinting at deep companionship. Both have expressed mutual respect and support for each other’s careers, which has sparked curiosity and admiration from fans.

Speculations about plans are rife, yet they keep details private. Their social media posts hint at a strong, loving relationship. Draya’s stance on the backlash is clear – she finds it unnecessary. They focus on happiness, undeterred by external noise.

Draya Michele Boyfriend’s Net Worth

Jalen Green, Draya Michele’s boyfriend, is estimated to be worth $1 million. This impressive figure stems from his burgeoning career in the NBA, where his skill set has already paid dividends.

Green’s financial standing is expected to grow as he continues to leave his mark on the basketball court and secures lucrative endorsements, reflecting his potential both on and off the court.

Future Plan and Goals

Jalen Green has set his sights on an ambitious future. He dreams of clinching an NBA championship, a goal that drives his relentless work ethic. Beyond the court, he aims to positively impact the youth, leveraging his platform for good.

Draya Michele, too, is eyeing expanding her fashion empire. Together, they plan to champion charitable causes, reflecting their shared commitment to giving back. Personal growth is also on their agenda, with both seeking to explore new creative avenues.

Their vision extends to building a legacy that transcends their professional achievements. With each focused on their individual and joint aspirations, Draya and Jalen are poised to make significant strides in their careers and philanthropy.

Draya Michele Boyfriend on Social Media

Jalen Green, Draya Michele’s boyfriend, enjoys a substantial social media following, reflecting his rising fame and engaging personality.

He boasts 2.4 million followers on Instagram, frequently sharing moments from his basketball career and personal life.

His presence on TikTok is also notable, with 321.9K followers and nearly 800K likes, showcasing his playful side through engaging content.

Although newer to YouTube with 1K subscribers, his channel is gradually growing, offering fans a closer look into his life off the court. These platforms highlight Jalen’s multifaceted persona and connect him with a diverse audience worldwide.

Fun Facts about Draya Michele Boyfriend

  1. Jalen enjoys skateboarding in his free time.
  2. He has a passion for vintage car collections.
  3. Surprisingly, Jalen is an avid chess player.
  4. He loves cooking Filipino dishes, which is a nod to his heritage.
  5. Jalen has a pet bulldog named Rocket.
  6. His favorite movie genre is science fiction.
  7. He often volunteers at local youth basketball camps.
  8. Jalen has a hidden talent for drawing.
  9. His dream vacation spot is Tokyo, Japan.
  10. Green prefers sneakers over formal shoes any day.

Draya Michele Boyfriend Video and Images

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Draya Michele and Jalen Green meet?

While specifics about their first meeting haven’t been publicly disclosed, it’s clear that their shared interests in the entertainment and sports worlds likely brought them together.

What is the age difference between Draya Michele and Jalen Green?

Draya Michele and Jalen Green have a 17-year age gap, a topic of discussion among fans and media.

Has Draya Michele commented on the age gap with Jalen Green?

Yes, Draya Michele addressed the topic, stating in an interview with TMZ Sports that she finds the backlash around their age difference “kind of weird.”

What are Draya Michele and Jalen Green’s plans?

Both are focused on their careers—Jalen is focused on achieving NBA greatness, and Draya is focused on expanding her fashion brand. They also share a commitment to philanthropy and personal growth.

Are there any photos or videos of Draya Michele and Jalen Green together?

Yes, both shared images and videos of themselves on their social media accounts, giving fans a glimpse into their relationship.


In wrapping up, the tale of Draya Michele and Jalen Green unfolds like a modern romance, underscored by love and ambition. Their story transcends the chatter of age gaps and public scrutiny, highlighting a bond that is as unique as genuine.

Draya and Jalen continue to build upon their respective successes as they journey together. They stand as a testament to the power of supporting one another’s dreams.

The duo’s commitment to their careers, philanthropy, and personal development shines brightly. Fans and onlookers alike can’t help but watch, intrigued by what the future holds for this dynamic pair.

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